Natalie Portman Breaks Charlie Manson Out Of Jail to Enjoy The Springtime

April 9th, 2008 // 6 Comments

Natalie Portman‘s soon to be bunking down at Spahn Ranch with the other girls! Ok, that’s actually hippie guru-type musician Devendra Banhart. He’s Natalie Portman’s dude. I bet he’s into her cruelty-free shoes, and vegan lifestyle.

Here they are enjoying a stroll in the West Village in NYC and taking in spring. Don’t go to Pennyfeathers! That place sucks! They don’t know how to make a reuben!

But do go to Bleeker Bob’s Records. Just don’t buy the vintage Placebo shirt I wanted. They only had it in a medium and I have pudge and the snotty clerk was like “yeah, that’s all we carry.” He wanted to finish it off with “fatty,” but the boyfriend has large ape-like hands that can bash noses.

I need to get to the gym so I can fit my fat self into that t-shirt.

There would have been more Natalie Portman in this post but, besides noting that her boyfriend might have given the order to kill Sharon Tate, I’m kinda bored.


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By J. Harvey

  1. fanatic

    I thought he was dating that harpist chick Joanna Newsom. What IN the fuck?!

  2. MsTriste

    Holy crap. Listen to this:

    Ten seconds of listening to him “sing” and I feel like vomiting from my ears.

  3. that’s a “no no” for me.

  4. jinx

    Never in a million years I thought I’d see Devendra on SocialiteLife

  5. Zelda F.

    Headline should read she breaks Tiny Tim out of prison – Looks like Tiny Tim to me…..

  6. diago

    hi k buen estilo men full estile life esa es menya te pareces a mi suerte men natalie portma y eran si me escriben cuando lea est mensje jeje

    bueno fue un gran saludo de mi parte bendisiones

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