Natalie Portman Talks About Movie ‘Thor: The Dark World,’ & Steps Out With Her Son Aleph!

Natalie Portman Shows Off Abs
Natalie Portman shows off sexy toned abs, gets intimate on movie set
Yes ladies and gentlemen the Black Swan herself isn’t as dark as she acted in the movie!

Natalie Portman was seen stepping out with her two year old son Aleph Millepied today. He was looking so freakin’ cute with his little blue jeans, white Tee, candy in his mouth, and holding Mommy’s hand.

I’m calling it now that that little one is going to grow up to be a heart breaker for sure because he’s already so adorable!

Seeing this moment can’t help but touch your heart. Everybody is so busy now days but simply knowing such a successful and busy woman as Natalie can still make time for those everyday moments of being with her child is refreshing.

It makes the fact that she’s going to have to commit time away from this little one to be on set for Thor: The Dark World that much more bitter sweet. However, according to MTV, who had an interview with the 32 year old actress this movie is expected to be “grittier.”

Natalie said, “A lot of the villains’ world was shot in Iceland, so it’s got more of a realistic feel than something that was made on a computer. It’s still got a lot of wonder and humor, but it’s also got a darker tone as well.”

Sounds like one thrilling movie! Being a huge super hero movie fan myself, I’m quite excited to see it! The flick opens on November 8th and I’m sure Natalie will bring her Golden Globe award winning acting skills to the big screen again.

Take a second to look at the adorable pictures of Natalie and Aleph stepping out of the house in our photo gallery, it’ll make you smile from the cuteness!