Natalie Portman Gets Raunchy With James Franco In ‘Your Highness’ Trailer

Finally, we all get to see Natalie Portman flex those comedy muscles in a full-length film, and the trailer for Your Highness is no disappointment. Portman will star alongside James Franco, Danny McBride and Zooey Deschanel in the fairytale comedy, in which two princes set off with a badass archer (Portman) to save a princess (Deschanel). It certainly seems like the dramatic actress is lightening up, with upcoming roles in No Strings and Thor as well.

But things certainly get dirty in this one! What can you expect from the director of Pineapple Express? The film seems what Ella Enchanted would look like if it got flattened over with a Judd Apatow steamroller. Now do you get the title? Watch the trailer after the jump. And see Natalie Portman’s tush!