Natalie Portman: From ‘Black Swan’ to ‘Thor’

Natalie Portman has had a great year so far! She won an Oscar for Best Actress in Black Swan, engaged her beau Benjamin Millipied, is about ready to give birth (see photos of her HUGE bump), and will be starring in the new Marvel film Thor.

There has been some heat surrounding whether or not Portman deserved the Oscar win because of the fact that she had a dancing double for her part, but instead of worrying about useless controversy, she’s looking forward to bigger and better things.

PHOTOS: Natalie Portman At The Academy Awards

The actress spoke of her back-to-back filming of Black Swan and Thor saying that she had barely any time to breathe. After wrapping up Black Swan, she had only two weeks to spare until she had to be on the set of Thor, which also stars hunk Chris Hemsworth and Anthony Hopkins.

Portman spoke of the film saying:

It was extraordinarily positive and there’s not a single thing I could complain about. Not that I would normally like to talk to the press about it even if there was, but this a genuinely great experience.

She is really excited about the movie and will most probably be tied to a second and third instalment of it if they are made! The 29-year-old has done well for herself, not only starring in this film, but has also started her very own production company called HandsomeCharlie Films. She has two films in the works, with one involving Brad Pitt.

I do not think there is anything this woman can’t do!