Narcissism To The Nth Level

March 27th, 2006 // 33 Comments

I think someone is quite proud of their body. Not exactly safe for work.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. katie

    An embarrassment to himself and all who know him.

    BTW, when are backward-style bb caps going to go out of style?

  2. andrea

    who is this idiot?

  3. tocutetoscoot

    What a dork!

  4. zippity

    He just reeks of guido! Yo!

  5. bk_magnolia

    this is the kind of mess that NYC clubs (the wack ones at least) are over run w/ on the weekends…

    we call them the “bridge and tunnel” set. what a maroon.

  6. d.c.

    Watch out K-Fed, poser competition.

  7. Barbra

    I’ve dated guys in exceptional shape. All they care about when it bed is tensing their ass muscles and arching their backs to show defenition—and I’m a straight woman.

    Something tells me most of those men aren’t straight anymore–if ever (God knows the sex sucked!).

  8. c.daahl

    when you said “bridge and tunnel” it reminded me of this…

  9. Emma

    Looks like a ‘roids boy to me.
    But still, I watched the whole thing. ;)

  10. Jipseegreen

    That’s pretty funny. Although, I think we all know guys like that. They’re usually named Shawn….

  11. Seanna


    A guy like that must be incredably insecure, his muscles look deformed not even.

  12. Rake

    trailer trash with gym access… scary

  13. ChloroformPerfume

    Jipseegreen, you are so right. i thought this guy looked like a shawn. so funny. hot bod, ugly face. do people still do the peroxide hair thing anymore?

  14. Gabriela

    Ok he killed it with that hair..LAAAAAAAME

  15. orangeblossom

    What is the name of the song?’

  16. Dionne

    he must have a little pecker since he didn’t show it, but felt proud enough to put it on display for the world to see

  17. petersburgva

    he’s hot and he knows it.

  18. smroxs

    Gee, abs. Ho-hum. Maybe home slice here should try working the muscle between his ears. I can almost guarantee you THAT doesn’t get any exercise at all. He’s too arrogant to even enjoy looking at the body…

  19. greg

    wow, hes fuckin tiny. whats he weight a buck 25 wet? loser

  20. Jake

    Hot! Hot! Hot! I’ve seen the rest of him…hung like a horsey!

  21. lala

    lol i agree, he killed it with the hair, and i was pretty embarrassed for him – but i wouldn’t terribly mind watching that body all day ;P

  22. bathina

    i agree with lala ;)
    we always see stupid girls on display everytime, everywhere, watching a body like this isn’t too bad for once ;)

  23. fallgirl29

    did i miss something..why is this not safe for work?

  24. Thaddeus van Worthingheimer

    As disgusted as I was, I was oddly fascinated by this. Do I condone videotaping flexing and showing off of muscles? No. Would I date this guy? No. Would I like maybe 30 minutes to an hour touching and feeling his body? Absolutely.

  25. Jennifer

    he’s actually a guy who does this for a website called
    people pay for him to show off his body

  26. Krys

    The song is
    Poppin them Thangs – by G Unit

    And that hair at the end was tragic to say the least.

  27. Small Fry

    Oy, I’m so ashamed that I actually just watched that lame-o piece of trash. Ugh. I don’t care how hot his body is, I wouldn’t touch this loser with my co-worker’s vagina. Bleh.

  28. myeyes

    I’d hit it….!

  29. London

    This guy don’t need a girlfriend since he love his body so much. 1 word “GAY”

  30. Kitch

    I would love to give him a blow job and have him shoot a nice thick and creamy load down my throat. Then I would bend him over and fuck his tight butt. Yup, I would love to play with him all night long.

  31. HipG

    Makes me wonder about how str8 some of these buff muscle guys are (even though we dont know him) Surely some guys are just into their own and each other’s bodies without wanting to think about how ‘gay’ it comes across as. Then again who said enjoying a body like that, that has taken a lot of work is wrong? So I say good on him for his body – but looks like a gay porn star too – in my humble opinion.

  32. Anonymous

    Some people just have WAY too much free time on their hands.

  33. likes_muscles

    Cmon people, the guys body is practically perfect, and you have to admit that. The only reason yr all reacting so negatively to him is because 1) yr jealous of him or 2) you are homophobic or chauvinistic and think its ok for beautiful girls to be on display but not beautiful guys. And to all those who said he looks gay i have one question: whats so wrong about being gay?

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