Naomi Still Making Money Off Her Psychosis

Danger to society Naomi Campbell has shot an ad for Dunkin’ Donuts in which she spoofs what a drooling lunatic she is. In the ad, someone gets her cruller wrong and she beats the shit out of them with a baseball bat and then burns down the Dunkies she’s in. That’s not the actual storyline but it should be.

Campbell shot a commercial for Dunkin’ Donuts yesterday in which she riffed on her anger-management issues. According to a spy, the script called for Campbell to “be gardening in an evening dress. Something goes wrong, she gets frustrated, and she flips out. She then takes her shoe off and throws it through a window. Next to her is a Martha Stewart type who is calm, cool and collected, thanks to her frozen Dunkin’ Donuts drink.”

That’s a really odd plot. It’s highly doubtful that Naomi Campbell has either A) gardened or B) set foot in a Dunkin’ Donuts in her lifetime unless it was to C) bury a body of someone she killed for ironing her jeans wrong in the garden or D) was chasing someone she was trying to kill INTO a Dunkin Donuts. “If you hide her from me, I’ll kill you all and only get community service for it! Wot wot? HAH!”