Naomi Campbell’s Fists Of Fury

March 31st, 2006 // 27 Comments

The bitch unleashes her fury again on an unsuspecting employee. Didn’t anyone learn from Russell Crowe‘s mistakes?

Naomi Campbell has been arrested and charged with felony assault for allegedly attacking her housekeeper. A law enforcement official tells TMZ that the alleged victim is 41 year-old Anna Scolavino. Cameras caught Campbell leaving the police station Wednesday afternoon.

NYPD sources tell TMZ that the model was arrested at her home and taken to the Midtown North Precinct.

The incident occurred at 8:00 AM EST. Edison Alban, spokesperson for the Manhattan DA, tells TMZ that Naomi threw a cell phone at Scolavino, striking her in the head. Scolavino was taken to Lenox Hill Hospital. We’re told it took four staples to close the wound. A police source says that Campbell will be charged with one count of second degree assault. If convicted, Campbell could face up to seven years in prison.

In 2000, Campbell pled guilty to hitting former personal assistant Georgina Galanis with a telephone. She was ordered to take anger management classes.

In 2001, another former personal assistant, Simone Craig, claimed Campbell threw a mobile phone at her. Campbell denied it and no charges were filed.

Campbell’s rep issued this statement: “We believe this is a case of retaliation, because Naomi had fired her housekeeper earlier this morning. We are confident the courts will see it the same way.”

Campbell is charged with the same crime that Russell Crowe faced after hurling a phone at a hotel clerk. Crowe pled guilty to misdemeanor assault and was placed on probation.

Campbell’s Alleged Weapon of Choice: A Cell Phone — Again [TMZ]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. netty

    Damn, what was her cell phone made out of??? I wish someone would hit this girl back when she throws her stantrums….give her a taste of her own medicine

  2. my2cents

    Really…the most a cell phone weighs these days is what, ounces? This isn’t the first time she’s hauled off and hit someone….who does she think she is??? And, why not just go buy another pair of jeans……If she’s found guilty, like who in Hollywood is anymore, I think they should NEVER let her have another personal assistant to do jack shit for her…let her wipe her own damn ass!!! It’s ridiculous!

  3. doofus

    I don’t normally condone violence, but this bitch needs a beat down.

  4. LALALand

    Retaliation? so like the bitch cut her own forehead? Dumbasses!

  5. Rob

    Why isnt this c**t in prison?


  7. myeyes

    Lobbed her Swarvoski crystal-encrusted Blackberry at her ‘downstairs maid’ because said maid didn’t consult with the ‘upstairs maid’ about a missing pair of $200 jeans [only $200? Peasant!!].

    but in all faireness, WHO DOESN’T wear their white mink poncho for booking and fingerprinting?


    I think Naomi is gorgeous and fabulous and all but I think she needs SERIOUS help. Why does she think this is acceptable? 3 people with the same accusation? Sister girl, they must be right – you are messed up in the head!

    Ever since that SEX book with Madonna and Big Daddy Kane, my girl just been losin’ her mind! Blame it on Madonna and Big Daddy Kane.

  9. samsmith

    Why does this woman keep getting away with these things? Wasn’t she was required to do anger management the first time she was caught? Doesn’t seem to have worked. Somebody needs to just beat this skinny bitch down already. FYI to her next assistant, throw it back at her moneymaker face & see how she likes it.

  10. DJ

    As always, another celeb thinks they can to what they want, when they want, to whom they want and not suffer any consequences. She walk AGAIN and probably shell out a few bucks to the maid.

  11. Kelsey

    Yo, honestly, I could care less about this chick. I don’t think she’s really anything to write home about, she’s a spoiled brat and she should go to jail for it! 3rd time people…anger management only goes so far for a chick with the tempermant of a 3 year old with ADD.

  12. kittenface

    One of these days she will hit the wrong person and that person will hit her back. When her face and paycheck are ruined, everyone will say “she had it coming!” Look at her history of violence, non-working anger management classes, drugs, all of the men, etc. Girlfriend has mental problems, plain and simple. No one other than a celeb would be allowed to hit people, drawing blood, again and again and get away with it.

  13. tocutetoscoot

    Someone needs to slap that wig off her head! She is gonna hit the wrong person at some point and get her a$$ kicked.

  14. me

    I hope she’s getting her ass kicked up and down in that jail cell right now.

    Rot, Naomi, Rot!

  15. fyi

    that’s not a wig, it’s an expensive weave. never leave home without it! get y’all facts straight…

  16. Dee Dee

    Naomi Campbell is lost. She looks beautiful now, but, back in the day, when she started modeling, I thought she was ugly. She is completely plastic. She probably knows she’s a “fake” beauty and feels guilty for her fame because she doesn’t deserve it. She’s had a major, major makeover.

    The only thing Campbell has that is authentic and worth writing about is a fantastic form, one of the best in modeling, in my opinion. Everything is in the right place.

    Still, the girl has demons. She has anger issues. She’s also been on drugs and can’t handle relationships. She’s one of the only models of her time period still hitting the runways. She’s not pretty enough to make covers. All the other models she ran with are married or divorced, have kids, and are into other things. She’s a mess and gives me a sad feeling.

  17. Silasdog

    I wish I was in charge of teaching this bitch a lesson, because she would get one she’d never forget. She’s lowlife slob who just happened to cop a million dollar job. And listen, all she does is get dessed in someone else’s clothes, that’s her freaking job. How much talent does that take? She’s another ungrateful piece of human sewage. Without her looks, her career would consist of straining to memorize one line: “Would you like fries with that order?” She needs to do jail time. Let her spend some time with some real hard-hittin’ ghetto bitches so she knows how it is to be on the receiving end of some punishment.

  18. las

    Well, a crystal-encrusted cell might be quite a bit heavier than usual. If she got momentum going it, which she could, it would hurt quite a bit.

    This woman needs professional help. Her life is locked in a holding pattern, because she’s so bloody hostile.

  19. Elizabeth

    I have just read the above comments and the concensus is…IS that this bitch needs to get some of her own medicine fast. Anyone who thinks they have the right to abuse another person should be held accountable and no expensive lawyers making ridiculous excuses should be allowed to get her a free hit again. On the topic of rich people abusing their ‘servants’…well Naomi needs to do some reading whilst in prison ..I suggest the French Revolution, maybe that will send her a message that the aristos that didnt run away fast enough lost their pretty heads….while the people cheered. Makes for good reading Naomi, that is if your literate??!!

  20. Silasdog

    Elizabeth, you’re my kinda woman. Bravo!

  21. jj

    Didn’t they just vote he the personality of the year or somthing like that. Maybe she has a dual personality problem? Good Naomi- Bad Naomi–see a shrink quick!

  22. Ben

    I’m australian. I met aussie model Gemma Ward, she was lovely. If I met naomi… i’d bring a shotgun.

  23. elizabeth

    AWWW Silas: you flatter me (blushing)…..
    JJ: It might be hormonal or multiple (2) personality disorder, in Naomi’s case I would say she has at minimum at least 20. The way she acts, I thinks it both….throw some rich spoiled ill mannered brat who never did a real days work in her life…walking is not work btw lol…. or has dare I say received an education into the mix and ..well what we get is a cell phone throwing frothing at the mouth psuedo celebrity who needs…as my young nephew likes to say; a real can of whoop ass thrown at her.
    But seriously, she has to be punished and both jail time and a lawsuit by the maid should do the trick and eventually we will all read one day how another servant beat her to death and we wont be surprised. its karma baby!!

  24. If I were in prison with this chick I’d so turn her into my bitch and make her wipe… no make that lick, my ass clean everytime I took a hefty dump.

  25. gilda

    Naomi is a chunk of poo!

  26. Angelina

    I find it amazing that we as “People” can sit back and discuss what WE think are somone else’s problems. Perhaps Ms. Campbell has some issues, anger, the fear of getting older – she is in her 30′s and perhaps could use a friend. Think about it if you were in the spot light, think about having your picture posted on the TV, newspaper whether bad or good, many want to be famous, become a celebrity, but we all should remember it does come with a price – your privacy, you not being able to walk down the street. Like the old saying – be careful of what you wish for…. you might just get it!
    Naomi should address her issues, and why from time to time she always comes with this kind of bad attention. If she had any friends, they would help her – funny, I never see her with any, and perhaps again, just one of the reasons why she is having problems these days it appears. Many of you who talk about her as if you knew her – probaby wished you had 1/3 of her life style and $$ – don’t you?

  27. bob

    I know it’s morally wrong, but I still think it’s funny. Whatever I don’t really care..I wanna know where she got her Blackberry crystallized! Anyone know?

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