Naomi Campbell Takes Advantage Of Community Service To Meet Some Mens

Naomi is taking the time whilst repaying her debt to society to try to land some D. Why not? It’s a cool story to tell if they end up dating as to how they met. Whether you would want to repeat that or not, I don’t know. Jailbird trash.

For the second day in a row, Campbell emerged from a day of scrubbing and scouring, again with a strapping young man — this one identified as her fellow community servant, who did the gentlemanly thing by carrying the supermodel’s bag. Naomi apparently returned the favor, giving him a ride in her Escalade — to where, we’re not certain.

A Sanitation department deputy chief said that the pair were the only two community-service-doers in the entire facility.

Which means they were probably humping behind the mops and stuff. Figures. And you know she gave him a ride to her downstairs area. And I don’t mean her basement! SNAP! If anything, this ongoing story has taught me it is MORE than ok to throw things at my maid. Thanks, Naomi.