Naomi Campbell Neglects To RSVP

So MTV was due to start shooting a reality show with Naomi Campbell called “The Minion”. Contestants would vie to become her latest assistant. So it was basically a snuff film. Anyway, the show didn’t go on because Naomi didn’t show show up .

The music network was set to start shooting a reality show called “The Minion” with Campbell on Friday, which would have followed the garbage-lugging lunatic in her search for a new (and presumably pugilistic) assistant. But it had to cancel the show when Campbell stopped returning calls. “Producers were on the phone with her all the time, setting up the show with her and her manager – but then last week MTV stopped getting their calls returned,” our source said. “The show is pulped. They don’t understand why Naomi won’t call back.” An MTV rep said, “The show is still in production.” But Jeff Raymond, Campbell’s latest rep, e-mailed, “That is not true. There is no show.”

They probably realized it would have ended up being a show about assisted suicide. Anyhow, sources say some of the confusion might stem from the fact that even Naomi is unsure as to who is her actual representation. Is it this Raymond guy? Because she also has a long-time advisor named Bethanne Hardison as well as another guy named Bernie Cahill. So she obviously needs to CUT BACK on the minions. Because she’s confused and it’s losing her dignified jobs like being part of “The 10 Spot”.