Naomi Campbell Makes Excuses

When you live in the deranged mind of Naomi Campbell, punching a news camera man seems like a good idea. However, not a good idea? Messing with Oprah. So when Campbell sat in the Oprah hot seat, pressed about her notorious tantrums, what did she do? Make excuses.

And she believed every last one of them.

The highlight of the interview was her justification of punching the news camera man and walking out on the interview, claiming it was all editing.

“There definitely is sound effect [added],” she told Oprah of the completely unedited news footage, E! Online reports. “There were three cameras, and I went to walk out the door, and the other one came in the way. So I moved the first one out to get to the door, and there were two more.”

Do we really believe her delicate description? This is the same woman who allegedly assaulted her chauffeur, attacked a paparazzo and threw a phone at her housekeeper!

“It comes from another type of emotional disorder, because it’s not just, ‘I don’t get what I want. I throw,'” she explains.

Yes, and so does a two-year-old, which she must be impersonating in this pictures. The caption should read, “Oops! Did I do that?” Sorry Naomi, no amount of angelic poses and attending charitable press conferences will ever make me believe that you’re not a train-wreck in soul-stomping stilettos.