Naomi Campbell Liked Sweeping


Naomi kept a diary for “W” magazine about her community service sentence, and how it all went. Deep thoughts by a psychotic model pushing a broom. Apparently, she found it very Zen.

The supermodel, forced to scrub a New York Sanitation Department garage after hitting a maid with a mobile, wrote: “I find solace in sweeping.”

She went on: “I have no other responsibility. I have no phone. I have the time to think. Just have, you know, peace.”

Mixing with co-workers gave her a sense of perspective. Naomi, 36, wrote: “Two of the people in the room have never been on a plane. They ask me what it’s like, and I’m embarrassed to tell them I was on seven planes the week before alone. It’s so interesting to get to know so many different sorts of people.”

zzzzzzzzzzzzwha? Keep reading for where she talks about her “addictions” and how she blames her crazy on booze and drugs.

London-born Naomi believes the five-day punishment in March helped her come to terms with addictions.

She wrote: “One co-worker tells me how he ended up here, basically because of alcohol. I bond with him, and I tell him I’m in recovery.”

She admitted first dabbling with drugs at 23. She recalled: “I first sought treatment in 1999 and then went in and out of recovery.

“I’d think I had things under control, but then I would relapse. I never really looked into myself, deep below the surface. What I came to realise is that I had to surrender. I had to let something higher than me be in control of my destiny. You have to let yourself become vulnerable again.

“Some people can handle a drink or a line of cocaine, but I’ve finally come to realise that, for me, it’s all or nothing — and it has to be nothing. And my life has changed since.”

Does coke make you violent, and cause you to hurl cellphones at people’s heads? I thought it just made you red-faced and speedy. Was she on PCP then? Would she eventually have hurled herself out a window like Helen Hunt in a bad early 80’s after-school special?