Naomi Campbell Is Using Communication Devices For Good

There’s an International Women’s Day? Apparently there have been 98 of them, because it was the 99th International Women’s Day on Monday and Women for Women International Founder and CEO Zainab Salbi walked the Brooklyn Bridge  with Tim Gunn, Kate Spade and Naomi Campbell to recognize the day. Campbell has been in the press again for using communication devices as weapons and even though the victim turned a 180 and apologized for “overreacting” I sill wouldn’t have handed her a megaphone.

Focusing on her charity efforts Campbell is also jumping on the Haiti bandwagon (even later than Lindsay Lohan) and planning to visit the earthquake-devastated nation. Don’t look for stories on her pulling people out of the ruble. She is going to see how the $1.5 million her foundation, Fashion for Relief, raised to help women and children devastated by the earthquake is going to be used. She will be surprised to know that 3% of donations were routed back to the US to help women who worked for Campbell.