Naomi Campbell Actually Working Two Jobs During Her Community Service


Naomi Campbell knows a photoshoot concept when she sees one. Sources say that a top fashion photographer is among the paparazzi photographing her everyday on her way into her court-ordered community service .

One of the paparazzi snapping Naomi Campbell’s community service stint has been unmasked as top fashion photographer Steven Klein, fuelling speculation that the supermodel is set to turn her walk of shame into a magazine shoot.

Naomi, who confirmed on her official website,, that she recently shot the July cover for US fashion magazine W with Steven, turned up for day three of her community service wearing a stylish black dress and leather jacket.

She was carrying a large bag, which presumably contained more appropriate clothes for the day ahead.

After allowing Steven to clamber onto the roof of her waiting SUV on Tuesday, Naomi wrote mysteriously on her blog: “I don’t want to give too much away about the shoot and will leave it as a surprise.”

There has been a lot of speculation as to why Naomi was looking so put-together on her way to sweep out a garage everyday, and this could account for it. I don’t know whether this is brilliant as she turns a sow’s ear into a silk purse (I’ve always wanted to use that phrase since Sister Act 2) or evil. Isn’t it kinda saying to the maid she beat down that she’s taking the opportunity to make money during her punishment? If this is true, it’s sort of a mockery of “justice.” Whatever that is.

More photos of Naomi Campbell leaving “work” with some new friends after the jump.