Naomi Campbell and Venezuelan President Might Be Dating

January 14th, 2008 // 13,162 Comments

Remember how Naomi Campbell recently sat down with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to interview him for GQ magazine? Well, rumor has it that the two hit it off, with the South American leader and the supermodel engaged in a romantic relationship for the past two months. If this is true, his offer to have Campbell “touch his muscles” during the interview would have a much more appropriate context. You know that Barbara Walters is so annoyed right now.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. erika

    this can’t be true.

  2. Jenn

    If she’s dating him she’s disgusting!

  3. tom

    surly won’t be true!!

  4. GammaGirl

    Surely people realize the implications of Naomi “I throw phones” Campbell and Chavez joining forces, right?
    My brain can’t handle it!

  5. Cat

    Hey folks…only way this is true is for Naomi starts producing babies from this joker! In turn her babies will be throwing the phones!

  6. Vibius

    Maybe the CIA should hook her up with an exploding phone?

  7. blah

    That’s a hot couple. The two of them and thier tempers would be so concentrated that they would form a black hole of hate that is so powerful that not even a Venezuelan housekeeper or a fashion sylist will be able to escape.

  8. DruNken LauRen

    Ms. Cambell, canyou talk to him about the gas prices????

    then ask him to take a chill pill

  9. naxa.

    two words: NO WAY!
    is stupid.. just think about it!

  10. naxa.

    two words: NO WAY!
    is stupid.. just think about it!

  11. Eugenio (venezuelan guy)

    Diox que locura!

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