Naomi Campbell Voted Personality Of The Year

March 21st, 2006 // 13 Comments

We assume it’s the all encompassing personality (the quality or fact of being a person as distinct from a thing or animal), and not her individual personality (the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character) that she won the award for. Future personal assistants beware, she’s now armed with something else to throw. And it looks heavy.

More photos of Naomi Campbell accepting her prestigious award, after the jump.

(Images via Saving Face)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Pretty

    She is gorgeous, it’s undeniable. Personality? Zero.

  2. Anna

    OK. You’re not going to tell me the wench couldn’t wash her hair before receiving this award? She slaps a too-shiney wig on her head? (Please don’t tell me they’re extensions.) Tacky (lazy), tacky (slutty), tacky (trashy). Old ladyish too. Yuck.

  3. Ha!.. what a joke. i want to see the Judging Panel.

  4. Sunshine

    Newsflash. She’s been wearing weaves, wigs and extensions since her very first photoshoot. Fact (which is why her hairline has receded horribly). I’m just happy she’s not wearing that rediculously long horse-hair anymore.

  5. lisa

    Wow – she is absolutely beautiful.

    This is the 1st time I’ve seen her without that “model on the catwalk” look.

    Gorgeous! (sp)

  6. Theone

    Nice person; but, poor work ethic.

  7. d.c.

    would you vote against her with her standing nearby pointing a filet knife at the blank square, hum?

  8. las

    Uh, she’s a personality all right. Um. Yeah. Is Paris getting “Virgin of the Year” award?

    I bet Naomi made sure to threaten the judges beforehand, though. ;) It would explain a lot.

  9. Silasdog

    If she’s personality of the year, then I’m astronaut of the year. Arghhhhh!

  10. Anna

    Thank you, Sunshine, for the “newsflash.” Fact or not, it’s old ladyish and yuck.

  11. Sarah

    Wow, I didn’t know “bitch” was a personality.

  12. msjenn

    She was also the “answer” (as those things go) to this question on a blind item site:

    What supermodel is said to charge Arab princes $100,000 for a night in heaven? Who needs seven virgins after that? Naomi Campbell

  13. Aug

    She just made the news again, by striking her housekeeper who needed to have 4 stitches, Just amazing evil comes in all colors, I think she should look at her status and color before she does anything stupid. She is too driven about money and fame and she forgot who put her up there. There are naive morons who would give her such an award and in reality she’s just another evil wench, too much ego for a black woman who has not reach the status of Oprah in terms of money. I hope she freaking looses all her fame and fortune and be humbled by the experience on How we “not-haves” respect other peoples humility by not putting a hurt on them.I guess coming from Africa she really did master the skills “Monkey sees and Monkey does”:)

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