Naomi Campbell Might Be Getting Six Months

April 4th, 2008 // 4 Comments

Naomi Campbell’s most recent shenanigans at the Heathrow Airport in London might cost the fiery supermodel six months behind bars. The cause of her uproar was a missing bag of hers, that caused her to get into a screaming match with the flight’s first class cabin crew, and the encounter ended when she was physically escorted from the airport in handcuffs.

She refused to get off the plane, furious that she would have to get on a connecting flight to Los Angeles without her missing bag, which is said to have contained the clothes she was planning on wearing for an upcoming television appearance.

According to onlookers, she began yelling and cursing at the airplane staff, the police were called and it took four officers to finally get her off the plane and out of the airport. During the approximately 40-minute altercation, Campbell spat at a police office, reports a witness. Man, she and Kate Moss really should avoid air travel at all costs.

Personally, I blame Tyra Banks. I have a sneaking suspicion, she somehow manages to drug her modeling arch-nemesis with crazy pills, so that Naomi will keep raising a ruckus and make Tyra appear infinitely less insane, despite how many orange wigs and life-sized posters of herself she owns.

Photos: AP Images

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Zekers

    Only six months? Must be the ‘three strikes and your out’ doesn’t apply to sociopathic super models…

  2. Paige

    She took it too far for sure, but I’d be beyond pissed if the airline lost my luggage filled with expensive, designer stuff too. A bunch of airline cops ordering me to calm down wouldn’t quite do the trick. I’d be like, “Why are you here talking to me when you should be solving the mystery of my missing bag?”

    /does NOT condone spitting on anyone for any reason

  3. TheRage

    why oh why do people resort to spitting on one another? it’s so disgusting!

  4. Jinxy McDeath

    Wasn’t it just last month she was in a Brazilian hospital being treated by a gynocologist and a doctor specializing in infectious diseases? Shouldn’t this diseased STD carrying skank not be allowed on public transport?? Hazmat suits need to be worn to be in contact with this nutjob.

    Glad to see all those anger management classes paid off with loads of self control. It’s England, she’ll probably have a street named after her instead of doing any time in jail. Truly a place that lets anyone remotely famous have a personal crime spree with no punishment.

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