Naomi Campbell Hits Stockholm

February 8th, 2006 // 12 Comments

Yes, it’s another glamorous evening out for Naomi Campbell. She spent the evening at Nox and The Plaza Club, with friends downing Cristal and running up a food and drink tab of $5300. The always classy Naomi Campbell failed to tip.

One more photo of Naomi Campbell partying, after the jump.

(Source: Oh No They Didn’t)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Fugly Girl

    Stiffing the waiter is so last year!

  2. Kelsey

    she’s a classy broad ain’t she…

  3. Astra

    Just a thought, but in most places in Europe the tip is included in the bill….

  4. doofus

    hey astra…I thought that was just for food in restaurants. I could be wrong, tho…but besides, you KNOW that Naomi and her cohorts were probably being very demanding. and for someone who makes money like she does, she should have tipped SOMETHING.

    I wish she would step to someone who isn’t afraid of her, and wind up getting her ass beat to shit. she’s a bully and needs to be put in her place. where’s sharon osbourne when you need her?!

  5. PleaseThink

    Well don’t usually their handlers take care of paying the bill? So shouldn’t they just atomatically pay the tip also? Really do the stars pay the bill? I thought either it was given to them for showing up or their assistants took care of all that. I could be wrong.

  6. girlie

    yes, it is NOT neccessary to tip in europe. tip IS included in all the overpriced drinks and food.

  7. lulu

    In Sweden and Finland and other parts of Scandinavia there is no tip required. In fact, it not customary at all to tip here! In these countries the wages are regulated by law and there are minimum wages which are far higher than in USA, for example. So, I think this story is bull. Of course, one might think Ms Campbell did not know this and therefore might be considered rude. In any case, in Sweden you would never ever have to pay a percentage of the bill even in an imaginary case where this particular restaurant had a tipping policy!

    Hälsningar från Stockholm!

  8. I thought that Miu meant that the famously pugilistic Ms. Campbell had somehow found a way to unload her fists (or phones) of fury onto an entire metropolis with the title: Naomi Campbell Hits Stockholm

  9. Mariana

    Tipping is indeed typically included in the check in Europe, but it’s still commom practice to throw in a few extra Euros in addition.

    But you know what, I’ll bet Naomi wasn’t even paying for the tab. She probably had some drooling fat fuck billionaire tagging along with her that night.

  10. thumper

    here’s a tip, Naomi, sucking on those cigarettes will make some ugly lines around your mouth, and you are not getting any younger. Save your money…chemo and collagen don’t come cheap.

  11. Naomi Campbell

    Umm NO I didnt pay because someone else usually does. Who cares anyway…Im still the number 1 supermodel…and you KNOW it’s true. I am the epitome of all you love to hate about models.


  12. wow

    please forget what your tour guides and travel brochures claim and tip when you are in europe. 5-10%.

    as for swedes, they come in droves to oslo to work (and we tip 10% here). according to the swedes here, it’s expected that you tip in stockholm but it’s not as common in rural areas. i think that’s true of most major european cities from what i hear. at any rate- naomi campbell probably got top-notch service and she should have tipped regardless.

    hilsen fra oslo!!

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