Naomi Watts Flips Off The Camera And Talks About Her Regrets With ‘Diana’

Naomi Watts In A Bikini
Naomi has fun in the sun in St. Barts with the family!
When the paparazzi follow you everywhere, sometimes you have to get a little playful and fight back, and Naomi Watts definitely doesn’t have a problem with that.

Naomi was leaving a workout session at the gym when she was followed by cameras, and after smiling and waving, she took a complete turn and gave them the middle finger. I love it. She was smiling while she did it too, which makes it even better. Celebrities getting sassy, my favorite. 

The way Naomi’s finger is positioned, it’s possible she was just “fixing her sunglasses,” but I’m not buying it. I think she flipped the bird to the photographers because she’s awesome. End of story. I mean, she waved too, so it all balances out. No harm done, and it was too funny.

Lately Naomi has been speaking out in other ways too, specifically about her regrets with her movie Diana, which came out last year. The movie received not great reviews, and Naomi took a lot of the blame for the movie’s failure.

“I got seduced by the fantastic character. Diana did a lot of things that had positive and negative results. She was multifaceted. But ultimately there were problems [with the film] and it ended up taking a direction that was not the one I was hoping for.”

Props to her for taking on the role in the first place though. Princess Diana is such a beloved figure, doing her justice seems nearly impossible. Naomi admits she sort of knew all of this when she accepted the role. “With risk there is every chance it’s going to fail. If you have to go down with that sinking ship, so be it.”