Naomi Watts’ Family Fun At Santa Monica Pier [PHOTOS]

Naomi Watts is a stellar actress and apparently quite the family woman. Here she is at the Santa Monica Pier with partner Liev Schreiber and their two adorable sons. The two adults biked down to the boardwalk in casual attire with Alexander, three and Samuel, two safely in tow of Daddy’s bike. Naomi took a break from filming J Edgar, the upcoming biographical drama directed by Clint Eastwood, to enjoy the day in the sun with her family.

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First stop was ice cream, followed by family friendly rides everyone could enjoy and finally the arcade. Naomi snapped pictures on her Iphone and challenged her eldest son to a game of Dance Dance Revolution. It is rare that we see successful actors and actresses enjoying the simple pleasures of life but this family seems to have their priorities straight in all aspects. Good for them and good for those watching to be reminded stars are people just like us.