Naomi Watts, Ewan Mcgregor And More Attend ‘The Impossible’ Premiere In Los Angeles [PHOTOS]

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Almost  8 years after a devastating tsunami hit the majority of Southeast Asian coasts, Hollywood has decided that the mourning period of the natural disaster gone on for long enough! With that, a film has been made based on the account of the events experienced by a family that was caught in the epicenter of the waves.

The film is called ‘The Impossible,’ and it stars Naomi Watts and Ewan Mcgregor. Talk about an all star cast! In celebration of the movies January release, the cast came together in Los Angeles for the world premiere of the film.

The story seemed to catch the attention of many different demographics, judging by the wide variety of attendees at the premiere. Some of the stars in attendance included David Henrie, Jill Wagner, and Sharon Leal, among others. The true events that the story is based on also sparked the attendance of some real survivors of the tsunami, like Petra Nemcova, who gave her approval of the movie, in regards to accuracy and taste.

At the premiere, Mcgregor spoke about the on-location shooting at the same place that the fateful incident took place some years ago saying, “We shot in the same hotel where the family had been staying, when the tsunami hits the coastline, we’re standing in the same positions that the family had actually been in…” The form of “method” acting certainly helped transport the actors to a similar state of mind as the characters the portrayed. Mcgregor continued to explain, “Our crew, our Thai crew, a lot of them had been affected by the tsunami. A lot of their family had been affected. We stayed in hotels that have been struck by the tsunami. So, we were surrounded by people all the time who’ve had first-hand experience in what we were trying to recreate.”

With reviews being nothing but positive so far, it looks like the film’s wide-release next year will only bring more good things.

Check out the gallery to see some of the more notable attendees of “The Impossible” movie premiere.

By Marcelle Luna

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