Naomi Watts and Reese Witherspoon Are Celebrity Besties

Naomi Watts In A Bikini
Naomi has fun in the sun in St. Barts with the family!
What would you do if not one, but two celebrity powerhouses walked into your yoga class? I would probably be rendered unable to speak.

A bunch of yoga goers got to experience this fabulous scenario when Reese Witherspoon and Naomi Watts attended a class together. The two were seen headed to the class and laughing about whatever amazing things celebrity best friends talk about. If only we could know. 

I love when celebrities are friends. It’s hard enough being in the spotlight all the time – they might as well find solace in each other. The two blonde beauties looked adorable together in their similar yoga gear. They could practically be sisters.

The pair has been seen working out together before, so I guess they’re new work out buddies. I hope that means there’s more pictures in our future. Reese is always seen out getting active, and grabbing green juices to give her fuel. Reese was without new baby Tennessee this time though, who she usually loves to run errands with.

Hopefully next we’ll get to see Naomi and Reese out with all of their kids together. All those beautiful blonde children together all at once? My heart can hardly even handle it.