Naomi Watts And Liev Schreiber Take Their Sons Out For Some Park Fun In NYC [PHOTOS]

Naomi and Liev
Naomi and Liev talk film.
The family that plays together, stays together…when not filming or doing press tours.

Naomi Watts was spotted with her other half, fellow actor Liev Schreiber and their 2 young sons out in New York City yesterday. The couple, who has been together since 2005, took their sons out for a play day in a park in NYC, complete with hula hoops and soccer balls.

Schreiber was dressed as casually as can be in the cold, New York weather. They boys kept all warm by playing soccer in the park, while Watts looked on in enjoyment. The faces of the 2 blond-mopped kids were all smiles as they kicked the soccer ball around with their father, before Watts joined in the fun with some hula hoop-age. 

The family was probably having a celebratory outing because of Watts’ recent return to the states. The actress was recently visiting Spain to promote her newest film, The Impossible, where she stars as a woman involved in the 2004 Indonesian Tsunami. Schreiber, on the other hand, has been based in New York or the past few months to rehearse for his appearance in the 11th annual 24 Hour Plays on Broadway, next month.

With bother parents constantly working, it’s nice to see that they still value the simplicity of family time, minus any extravagant elements.

Check out the gallery to see some good, old-fashioned bi-coastal family fun, Watts-Schreiber style.