Nancy Grace To Save CNN

nancygraceI honestly don’t know one person who can stand this woman. Who the hell is watching her. Her ratings are 56% better than whatever was being shown in her timeslot compared to a year ago. She’s even beating Countdown with Keith Olbermann (which I love, by the way).

In its first month, “Nancy Grace” has helped carry the new Headline Prime block on CNN Headline News into uncharted ratings territory.

The show, named after the Court TV host and popular fill-in for “Larry King Live,” has been delivering audiences to the channel. The Headline Prime block ratings are up 56% in total viewers compared with a year ago, due in part to the success of “Nancy Grace.”

The show has averaged 472,000 viewers during its 8 p.m. ET telecast in its first month, compared with the 209,000 viewers Headline News was getting a year ago in the slot. In the news demographic of adults 25-54, “Nancy Grace” averages 164,000 viewers versus 82,000 a year ago.

“Nancy Grace” has overtaken MSNBC’s “Countdown” (308,000 viewers, 112,000 in the demographic) but is in third place behind Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor” (2.3 million viewers, 544,000 in the demo) and CNN’s “Paula Zahn Now” (673,000 and 234,000).

To be sure, “Nancy Grace” has been helped by a bevy of high-profile legal news that has broken in the past month, particularly the sentencing of Scott Peterson, the trial of Michael Jackson and the acquittal of Robert Blake, all in California. “Grace” and the other two hourlong programs in Headline Prime also have benefited from an extensive off-channel marketing promotion.

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