Nancy Grace is in Trouble

November 24th, 2006 // 3 Comments

Nancy Grace is getting sued, according to People.

The family of Melinda Duckett, a Florida woman who shot herself to death after being forcefully questioned by CNN’s Nancy Grace about her son’s disappearance, sued the network and the Headline News host on Tuesday, claiming they bear responsibility for her death.

Duckett’s relatives claim the interview caused emotional distress that led to the suicide, the Associated Press reports.

CNN Headline News declined to comment specifically on the lawsuit. In a release, a spokeswoman said, “We stand by Nancy Grace and fully support her, as we have from the beginning of this matter.”

Duckett’s son, Trenton, was reported missing on Aug. 27. Duckett appeared on Grace’s show on Sept. 7; she committed suicide the following day. Duckett has been named the prime suspect in her son’s disappearance. Authorities said last week they believe there is a chance the boy is still alive.

This whole thing is ugly. I hope they find the kid alive and well. Sounds like Nance needs to ease the f*ck up and turn in her imaginary badge

Written by J. Harvey

Nancy Grace in trouble [People]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Jinxy McDeath

    It turns out she told several lies about what happened to her murdered b/f. The man who shot him was a co-worker not a rabid killer monster stranger, he was mildly retarded. he didn’t lie to the police, nor was it a long drawn out court case, he plead guilty. She changed their ages *ha* to make her seem several years younger than she is. There is more, like she’s a proven plagerist… but I find writing about her gives me a migrain. Suffice to say, she can’t die of hemeroids soon enough. Vile, lying bitch.

  2. jannre

    I have never liked Nancy, I’ve seen her interview people before, and shes too agressive, she doesn’t even wait for them to answer a question before shes asking another one…

  3. erin reynolds

    Hi Nancy, I have watched your show now for almost 10 years, which is the amount of years i have not been able to work. i worked 2 jobs all my life to raise my 3 children, by myself, w/o child support, he state hooped & changed his ss# to avoid paying….anyway, tonite, 1/11/2008 i heard a story from you about a young female marine, who was 9 months pregnant w/her rapists child…she , and her unborn child,now found dead, in her rapists backyard….i too can relate to this horrible situation WAY TOO MANY WOMEN IN THIS FREE COUNTRY ,OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMAERICA FIND OURSELVES IN!!!!!!! I had finally gotten a Great job( i thought) at a school system, Grandville Schools, in Grandville , MI, as a coustodain, and i thought our, my children & my lives would be bettered because i wouldnt have to work nite & day anymore, and for the 1st time, i would have insurance for my children and myself …i was soooo hapy…only to find out , i had to endure even MORE, SEXUAL HARRASSMENT, OF THE WORSE KIND,,, i was a top worker, i had not had a day off in 15 years, working 6 & 7 nites a week, because i had refused to marry my current boss, that i cleaned restaurants for…i thought i was getting out of that stuation, i thought wrong, just like the lil marine mother to be most likely thought, i was attacked, and ALMOST KILLED BY MY HARRASSING SUPERVISOR, ROBERT BURROWS,EVEN THOUGH I REPORTED HIM TOO…i lost my job, was accused of things i never did, and just had a break down….i am lucky, i didn’t get MURDERED…like so many of us do….this happens way too much in our country, the rich cover up the truth…the assaulted go nuts, or are DEAD!!!!I love your show Nancy, and you, you have opened so many peoples eyes, people dont know what REALLY goes on here, in our wonderful country, please continue to open their eyes…thank you Nancy, and God Bless You and Your Family!!!! Erin Reynolds, in Grand Rapids, MI

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