Nancy Grace’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Nip Slip

If you are by any chance on of the 12 people who doesn’t watching Dancing with the Stars (don’t worry, I’m one of the twelve as well) then last night you sure missed quite an entertaining piece of television. Contestant Nancy Grace had herself a nip slip. It was one of those “no! How can I unseen what I have seen” kind of things.

According to reports, Nancy herself didn’t even notice the slip, which happened during her dance number, until host Tom Bergeron pointed it out. Tom joked, “On the European version that would be perfectly fine.” Nancy was obviously super embarrassed, but seemed to trooper through it. Now, why couldn’t Elisabetta Canalis have the mishap? She’s already OK with being naked.

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The internet has been less kind to her with people taking to Twitter to share their thoughts. Some of my favorites include Proposition Toph’s, “If I made a list of titties i DIDNT want to see…I gotta think Nancy Grace would be on it.” The Rude Pundit’s, “Nancy Grace’s nip slip is not even in the top ten of ‘Ways Nancy Grace Has Embarrassed Herself on Live TV.'” John Layfield’s, “Been trying to lose weight, after seeing clip of Nancy Grace expose herself on DWTS-I’m down 20 pounds! Hope to stop throwing up soon!”

Check out the photos for the NSFW pic of Nancy’s nipple. Seriously though, it looks like a huge ass nipple. Like a pancake nipple and not a normal human one. Let us know what you think of Nancy’s mishap in the comments!