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FInd out after the jump, and see what they’ve filed an trademark for.

Our little trademark scoop, Christopher Peterson uncovered that Coca-Cola© note has filed the design only in association with use in acquariums, sporting events, and a recreational and commemorative site open to the public for relaxation and cultural, sporting, and entertainment purposes, namely musical, theatrical and dance exhibitions, sporting events and competitions, art exhibits and craft exhibitions for entertainment purposes. Plus the usual uses:

Goods and Services IC 032. US 045 046 048. G & S: Beverages, namely drinking waters, flavored waters, mineral and aerated waters and other non-alcoholic beverages, namely soft drinks, energy drinks and sports drinks; fruit drinks and juices

IC 041. US 100 101 107. G & S: (see above)
Mark Drawing Code: (2) DESIGN ONLY
Design Search Code: 05.03.08 – More than one leaf, including scattered leaves, bunches of leaves not attached to branches
05.03.25 – Leaf, single; Other leaves
19.09.02 – Bottles, jars or flasks with bulging, protruding or rounded sides; Flasks with bulging or protruding sides; Jars with bulging or protruding sides
Serial Number: 78699634
Filing Date: August 24, 2005
Current Filing Basis: 1B
Original Filing Basis: 1B
Owner (APPLICANT): The Coca-Cola Company CORPORATION
DELAWARE One Coca-Cola Plaza Atlanta GEORGIA 30313
Attorney of Record: Caroline K. Pearlstein
Description of Mark: The mark consists of two leaves outlining the Coca-Cola Contour Bottle.
Live/Dead Indicator: LIVE