Nag Nag Nag

May 29th, 2007 // 9 Comments

Here’s Jessica Simpson trying to reclaim John Mayer via bitchery. You know she was not putting on the proper display of teary eyes and using the “you’re my home” type sappiness you need to employ when you’ve driven someone away and want them back. Because her Daddy has convinced her she’s worth it and the best thing that ever happened to him. Ugh. They spent Memorial Day weekend at a resort in Los Cabos, Mexico by the Sea of Cortez but honey, it wasn’t a Sea of Love. I don’t think John wants to come back. He looks done with this. And she must have gotten really annoying, because it’s big boobies in a towel and it’s obviously doing nothing for him. There’s only so many times you can talk about your favorite color and which classic film you’re going to remake and destroy next. “I thought I would be PERFECT in “Gone With The Wind”. Cuz’ toomorrah is anuther daay! Don’t I sound like her? And I could wear kind of a mini-hoop skirt! John?”


More photos of Jessica Simpson and John Mayer having a heated discussion after the jump.


By J. Harvey

  1. Zekers

    Yeah J., I’d agree with your assessment of the photos, John looks really disinterested in what Jessica is selling…

  2. LoRider

    Jesus H – I guess all the hippie wiccan chicks can come back out into the moonlight at the big Lughnasadh celebration and thank the counsel of heaven for freeing their beloved John from the spell Jess’ boobs cast on him. Mayer’s a pussy and probably got his feelings hurt when Jess told him “You don’t have to say grace before eating ME, dumbass!” He’s waiting, waiting, waiting on the girl to change. RideLo

  3. WhoMe?

    In the last pic it looks like Jessica broke out the saddest girl trick in the book — he’s leaving and she’s trying to show him the hoo-hoo.

  4. Sarah

    This looks like a heated discussion to you guys? I thought the body language could go either way.

    Regardless, I still think he’s gay.

  5. Jay

    Nice Eddie Vedder flannel, John. I think this guy should get some sort of recognition for being the only celeb who will rock the flannel in Cabo.

  6. lexi

    I thought it’s funny that as soon as her dad decided to share his thoughts on this relationship with Mayer; it ended a few days later. HAHA!! Guess now, she sees that not any and every man will go thru what her former husband put up with..see “The newlyweds” dvds. Mayer and everybody else is going to just Hit-it- and-Quit-it.

    Sorry Jess,
    Nice, great,balanced, sweet heterosexual guys are hard to come by.

  7. Frida

    Whatever, I don’t have anything against either of them and frankly these photos are intrusive. They’re on holiday, probably in their hotelroom and still its all over the internet. I can understand why some celebs get fucked up. I’d hate for my private life to be public knowledge like that. Awful.

  8. shelby

    I’m not feeling any pity…hello you are “celebrities”, therefore if you chose to have some sort of meltdown, fight, crazy sex, whatever DO IT INSIDE!!! Unless there is some psycho pap hiding in the closet, you are pretty F-in sure NO ONE WILL SEE YOU!

    Seriously, we “normal” people manage to fight, throw dishes and scream like lunatics and yet, the neighbors have no earthly idea because we do it INSIDE of our homes.

    Funny how that works isn’t it?

  9. RealMenDon'tHaveGayDogs

    WTF is that fluff ball in Mayer’s lap .. now THAT’S a gay dog!!

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