Nadya Suleman’s Police Track Record Is Not Encouraging

March 6th, 2009 // 9 Comments

I know this is going to come as a shock, but it turns out that
keeping track of six-going-on-fourteen kids is difficult for one woman
- even with the help of nannies, neighbors, and police. 

Nadya Suleman
placed a panicked 911 call last October, in which she screamed that she
had lost her son JJ, who – unbeknownst to Nadya – had actually gone on

phone call (listen above) sounded a bit like some sort of odd,
pessimistic chant, filled with death wishes and demands that “God help
her.”  At one point, the emergency dispatcher even gave a little
parenting advice, asking Nadya to stop repeating “I’m going to kill
myself” in
front of her other children.  Cher might have something to add to that.

As self-made-luck would have it, this wasn’t an isolated incident, according to a Huffington Post article entitled Nadya Suleman Has Been Visited By Police Several Times For Lost, Trapped Children.  I’m pretty sure the title says sit all. 

But shameless Nadya is standing by her 911 call, saying that she “doesn’t remember” going all Owen Wilson
on us.  And, she blames those eight doses of  “pregnancy hormones” for
her panic.  “If I were not pregnant, I know I [wouldn't] react like
that,” she said. “I am not
going to apologize. “My kids are my life.”

Um yeah, we know.

Gallery Info: Octomom Nadya Suleman is presented with gifts for all her kids

By Laura Bulchis

  1. Noname

    Shouldn’t it be illeagal for plastic surgeons to do such horrendous lip lip surgery… something on a clearly deranged person?

  2. Paul Stanley

    And now the freebies start. It’s just what she wanted in the first place.

  3. yet another anonymous person

    cant wait for her birthing video , complete with her hormone-induced babble. though she says her kids are her life, it’s more like her womb is the “goose that laid golden eggs” . if she has a reality show, i would watch it , just to see her kids overwhelming her.

  4. anonymous

    Why isn’t this story from The Insider getting much publicity?

    Search for “Pathological Liar Nadya Suleman was a High School Misfit” in any search engine and read the article from The Insider website.

  5. Suzanne

    This is proof that this woman is seriously insane.
    How is she going to keep track of 14 children???

  6. Tigrrl

    She’s kookoo, poor kids.

    Oh, and it’s Huffington Post, not Huntington.

  7. Irhvlbvy

    oKmlOO comment4 ,

  8. monique Russell

    I want 2 see My police record

  9. velvet

    Plea……se give this woman a break. People love to criticze and finger-point. She made very irresponsible abd foolish decisions and has commented that she would re-do it differently if given another chance. She’s doing anything she can to put food on the table. She is a mother and a human being. She needs all the support she can get.
    I’m so tired of this constant criticism and negativity surrounding her.

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