Nadya Suleman Realizes She’s In Over Her Head

Octomom Nadya Suleman has finally had that lightbulb moment we’ve all been hoping for, though it’s only about 12 months too late. 

The Jolie-wannabe recently realized that, gee, fourteen kids IS a lot to handle.  “I was lying to myself,” she tells Radar Online, admitting that the media attention, shopping sprees, eight newborns, and six jealous kids are making life at home “chaotic.”  Ya think?

But, alas, the Jolie-wannabe is a steadfast delusional.  She says she is “obsessed” with her children’s well-being and determined to “prove to the world” and to herself that she “can be a very good mother.”

During the six-minute video interview, a few other issues come out of the woodwork.  Namely, the bad parenting of Grandma Suleman.  Nadya says she was never shown love by her neglectful mother, who had an oppressive childhood in post-War Germany.  “My goal is to write a book and everything will be disclosed,” she says.  Nauseatingly, I smell a bestseller…

Gallery Info: Nadya Suleman and two of her children leaving their new home in La Habra, CA