Nadya Suleman Ditches Diapers For Shots

Did anyone watch Nadya “Octomom” Suleman on The View? Not a news flash, but that bitch is crazy. Here she is making her way to the show on Wednesday.

While she was out in New York for the interview, Suleman decided to have a night out. She may be a running a full time parenting factory, but Octopusses like to have her fun too.

The prolific mom went to Greenhouse with male companion reports the New York Post.  She was carrying a Birkin bag, so she must not be planning on any of the 14 kids making it to college, and reportedly did shots at 3:00 am.

Jeff Czech, her lawyer (not even community college) commented, “She is an adult and entitled to have some fun, and I am certain that she made proper arrangements for the safety of her children.”

Everyone deserves a night off.  Those kids certainly earned it.