Nadya Suleman Poses In A Bikini, Has A Boyfriend Named Frankie G [PHOTOS]

Happy birthday, crazy straw's children
Oh, Nadya Suleman!  Each day we discovered that you’ve chipped away another part of your “deeply indoctrinated morals and values,” be it a self-touching video or a photoshoot showing off your baby machine.  While I applaud your desperate measures to A) Raise 14 kids B) Maintain a trim physique, I still think you’re ridiculous.

On June 15th, Octomo kicked her promotional tour for Home Alone by taking part in a West Palm Beach shoot.

And did you know that Suleman has herself a man?  TMZ reports that some dude who doesn’t keep up with the news is dating the crackpot, and he goes by the name of Frankie G.  Apparently FG picked up his lady love at LAX yesterday after her “celebrity” pillow fight with Michael Lohan.  FG is a 23-year-old amateur bodybuilder.  Ah, youth.

Frankie G and Octomom, who met “through church,” have been dating for about two months, according to the site.