My Wish Is That Jake & Vienna Kill One Another On Live Tv

I don’t watch any of the Bachelor or Bachelorette and do you know why? Because they are BULLSHIT! And I have my own dating life to get wrapped up in and enough worrying about who I’m going to give my rose to during the ceremony in my apartment. So, no, I can’t be bothered with any of this business about Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi.

Why does their breakup warrant a follow-up with viewers? That’s like me breaking up with someone and yet still having them over to dinner with friends or parents just so they can salvage their reputation. Who cares? That’s why breakups are shitty. Because both people go, “Oh, he/she is crazy…” – and yes, we all say that. (Later, much later you realize that you also can be crazy).

And I hate that they both are pissed off that the other talks to the media or tabloids, and the word ‘fame whore’ gets thrown around a lot and rightly so because they are BOTH fame whores. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t sign up for a scripted, horrible dating show on primetime television you twats. If you wanted a healthy, normal relationship then you should have just went on and not agreed to date people in front of television cameras.

I don’t care about whether either one of them lives or dies and that’s horrible to say, but it’s true. Aren’t there worse things to be concerning ourselves with…oh yeah, that oil spill. Consider this reason #5,298,003 it’s still not fixed.