My Verdict On Christina Aguilera’s ‘You Lost Me’ Video

July 22nd, 2010 // 6 Comments

After the sex-on-meth carnival for “Not Myself Tonight,” Christina Aguilera‘s attempt to win back the hearts of the fans and general public at large through her ballad “You Lost Me” probably isn’t going fair that well.

The video is colorful, but it’s basically watching her overact in what appears to be a burned down house or Ground Zero. Why the overabundance of special effects & camera trickery to give us the multiple Xtinas wavering on top of themselves? Totally doesn’t match what I sense the sentiment of the song to be.

Best part? Fake tears strewn down her face. Worst part? The other 4 minutes and 15 seconds of footage.

And what is the nasty color in her hair? Strawberry blonde? It reminds me when girls in high school used to dye their hair with Kool Aid.

What did you guys think of the video? And be objective, don’t be those people that go, “Everything she does is amazing…” because that’s a load of shit and you know it.

By Justin Thompson

  1. kate

    Honestly i find the video refreshing given the both first single and its video! Also, the song is quite touching and the part where the guy is grabbing at her as she sings, and you couldn’t keep your hands to yourself, very heart wrenching! I cried especially given my own current personal situation! I am not a huge fan of Xtina’s so this is not a bias observation! I generally like this song and video and played it I think about 8 times back to back! As far as the color goes I could careless! She still looks good with or without so who gives a damn about her bloody hair color?!

    • Justin Thompson

      I mean I prefer the first video to this. It’s just overly weepy and dramatic. You can’t tell me that you would rush out and get your hair color to match that clown-colored mess?

    • Vicky

      Hahaha I would. It looks great.

  2. ylad

    u’r definitely not a fan. she looks amazing in the video anyway. not the best video, but still a decent job.

  3. LE

    I LOVE the video and i personally feel like your being an Ass. Why does it matter what her hair color is in the video? I LOVE the hair color and was actually trying to find out what it was an while i was searching i found this trash. She makes BEAUTIFUL music and shes GORGEOUS, peopl like you piss me off. It is a very touching and emotional video and if you cant comprehend it then why watch it?

  4. Frank Watts

    The song even without the video, is haunting, An instant classic destimed to become an evergreen for future divas. The video is one of the best have ever seen. Who said there was over acting? A love song or a broken heart song, cannot be sung straight without some acting and Christina interpreation was right-on. The props in the video were minimal and fit the story line – especially the stripped-down bed – ackopwledging that tnot only had love gone but so had intimacy.
    Beautiful video, beautiful song sung by a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice. What more coule I ask for?

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