My People Turn On Britney

One of the reasons Britney’s appearance in Miami the other night was such a big ole’ disaster was that the audience was filled with discerning homosexuals. Even the gays are turning on the rancid cowgirl!

When Britney Spears did an impromptu lip-sync/dance performance at Mansion on Saturday night, the reception was less than enthusiastic. The crowd, full of “trannies and gay guys,” according to our spy, sneered at “those hideous white go-go boots and ratty extensions.” One particularly unimpressed audience member: Madonna’s brother Christopher Ciccone, who told our source, “My sister would never go onstage looking like that.”

This is not the time in her life when she should be breaking out into random dance performances. Choreography, choreography, choreography. AND GET A STYLIST. PLEASE. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, A STYLIST! Although, they make us sound like we’re the people knitting beside the guillotine and screaming for Marie Antoinette’s melon. And if Christopher Ciccone’s sister ever did roll up on stage looking like that – I want the 50K I’ve paid for her damn shows over the years back.