My Life Would Suck Without Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson may have Grammy’s, AMA’s and Billboard Awards outlining her mantle at home, but with her sleeves rolled up and hands ready to serve, it’s obvious that she must have sure been raised by a southern momma if she’s giving back to the community like this during the holiday season. 
While in New Orleans, Kelly helped out at the Tide Loads of Hope station where she washed clothes for families in need. The organization was set up after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina to provide locals with the basic necessities of clean clothes for free. 
And since we’re all in the season of holiday cheer…and supporting fashion for a cause, feel free to check out the Loads of Hope site where you can buy the t-shirt Kelly is wearing. Proceeds go directly back to the families affected by disasters.
Gallery Info: Kelly Clarkson supports Tide Loads of Hope project in New Orleans