My God, There’s Two of Them?

One would think it would be hard to convincingly impersonate the six foot Afro-Jamaican Glamazon, but it seems that Naomi Campbell does in fact have a doppelganger running rampant. An imposter is on the loose, crashing parties and lavish events everywhere and has the real Naomi begging hosts and hostesses to keep an eye out for the fake. Brit band Oasis was the latest target of the imposter. She was denied entry by Noel Gallagher himself. Campbell was furious when she learned about the knock-off version of herself, trying to pass off her counterfeit wares as the real thing.

“You gotta find the imposter for me. Who is she, who is she? I can’t believe she’s masquerading around town as me. I wasn’t even in London on Wednesday during the Brits as I was on a modeling shoot in Paris. It’s not right.”

Shit, Naomi. You should just run with it. Sounds like your clone showed up just in time to be put to good use doing your community service for you.

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