My Fondest Wish For Celebrity Drama In 1989 Has Finally Come True

Yes! Page Six is trying to start some shit today between Madonna and Janet Jackson. Madonna was in NYC the other night, up in the club at Butter and hanging with the Demi Moore posse and Shakira. But she didn’t visit Damita Jo who was in a booth a couple of feet away. How dare she snub the Rhythm Nation! Janet drowned her sorrows in liquor and probably wondered why she was with a short guy who looks kinda like that photo of the midget in the Superman outfit with the f-ed up hair that was making the rounds some years back.

Madge was chummy with fellow singer Shakira at Butter Monday night (our spy said they showed up “hand in hand”) and was spotted dancing on banquettes with Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher and Penelope Cruz. But Jackson was holed up a few booths down and, “She was not invited to join Madonna’s crew,” said an onlooker, who told us the table drank “seven bottles of champagne and a ton of beer.”

That’s a tough playground if even Janet Jackson isn’t being picked for a kickball team. Is Madonna having a midlife crisis? You know the spectral face in her magic mirror told her she needs to go out and suck Demi Moore’s older but still vibrant hotness out of her to repair those death claws of hers. Demi better watch her back. Madge has more money than God and probably has some sort of device that will actually do that. She can afford a whole team of age-defying scientists!