My Drunk Kitchen: Birthday Cake!

Celebs Do It Too!
Miley and Liam go grocery shopping at Whole Foods.
Hannah Hart, Youtube sensation, and My Drunk Kitchen creator is back for another weekly installment. Usually she has a friend pop in, or is alone while filming. This week, she was joined by two amazing vloggers: Jenna Marbles and DailyGrace! Fans of one, or all of them (like me) were in for a treat!

All three funny ladies showed us a ‘what not to do’ when it comes to making a cake. Mixing champagne (or any alcohol for that matter,) with cooking is a recipe for disaster.

For those of you who don’t tune into Hart’s show, she drinks copious amounts of alcohol and then tries to prepare a meal. Sometimes she succeeds and other times…well…not so much. Her best video was the one where she tried to make brunch. Mimosas were flowing, as well as the regular puns, and there were a lot of laughs!

Viewers were taught a new way to frost their cakes using their hands! The cake really doesn’t look appetizing at all, but with these three comedians preparing it, you know it has to be funny!

What do you think about Hannah, Jenna, and Grace? Love ‘em or hate ‘em?