Must-See For All Drivers: Driving Pet Peeves [VIDEO]

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Anyone who drives, and maybe even passengers will understand this video perfectly. LifeAccordingToJimmy on Youtube is quickly becoming one of my favorite Youtubers. He discusses real issues, makes people laugh, and really isn’t that bad to look at either.

Today’s issue, if you couldn’t already tell, was his hate for awful drivers. I’ve witnessed at least half of what he mentioned, if not everything. People driving in emergency lanes? Check.

What about bike riders who think they own the whole road? People like to drive on the farthest right lane meant for cars instead of riding the bike in the designated “bike lane.” I understand it’s relatively narrow, but how much room do you really need on a bicycle? Not much!

Those are just a couple of Jimmy’s pet peeves. Check out the video to see what other ones he has!

Let us know some of the things you see while driving that you hate in the comments below!