Music in the Morning: Talib Kweli – “More or Less”

March 22nd, 2007 // 2 Comments

We have to wait until June for Talib Kweli’s new disc Eardrum, but for now, we can enjoy the fabulous single “More or Less.” Listen up for the Britney Spears diss in the song.


  1. MissNee

    Hahah, yea more real and less fake.

    Is that why he says more beyonce and less britney?? There is nothing real about beyaki.

  2. sizakhoza

    He should have rhymed:
    ”More Jill Scott, Less Beyonce/Britney”
    Britney and Beyonce are the same in my eyes. We need more of Jill, Floetry e.t.c

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