Music in the Morning: Maroon 5 – “Wake Up Call”

August 7th, 2007 // 6 Comments

Here is the second single off Maroon 5′s disc, It Won’t Be Soon Before Long. The song is called “Wake Up Call,” and I kind of hate it, but I know we have some Maroon 5 fans out there who disagree.


  1. heama603`

    He is delish….

  2. sabrina

    I would have to agree that he is delish!

  3. Karen

    I LOVE the song. It’s actually one of my favorites on the album. And yes, Adam is delish!!

  4. y e im a fan was not feeling it that well but he is gorgeous and their is omething about him though we hshould not acknowledge it hes like a stick and think hes a god for women protest though it might be hard

  5. Rubi

    I kinda like it. He can give me a wake-up call anytime.

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