Music in the Morning: J Dilla – “Nothing Like This”

January 2nd, 2007 // 4 Comments

J Dilla’s disc Donuts landed on almost every music critic’s 2006 “Best Of” list; unfortunately J Dilla, aka James Dewitt Yancey, wasn’t around to enjoy the accolades. Three days after the Feburary 2006 release of Donuts, J died of cardiac arrest in his Los Angeles home. The renowned producer and rapper spent the last few years battling a rare blood disorder called TTP, resulting in kidney failure, constant pain, and high fever. In 2005 he was diagnosed with Lupus, further complicating his difficult struggle.

Although J Dilla tried to keep his illness a secret, he was forced to perform from a wheelchair and recorded most of Donuts from his hospital bed. His work paid off–he produced a nearly flawless disc.

Check out the video for “Nothing Like This,” from the Adult Swim tribute disc, Chrome Children.


  1. me.

    this changed my life. thank you.

  2. thaigurl313

    thank you, thank you, thank you. i know i’m probably the ONLY person on here to know, understand, love and greive the loss of a man i’ve admired before i even know who he was (production on Tribe’s “Beats Rhymes and Life” and Janet jackson Velvet rope singgle “On an ON”)after discovering Slum Village later on i knew he was someone i was gonna love for a long long time.

    He’s death came without warning and is still extremely missed here in detroit’s hip-hop scene and as well across the world.

    check out “The Shining” as well as up coming “Dilla loves Japan”

    proceeds on the sale will go to the James Yancey Foundation.

  3. thaigurl313

    oops guess not the only one…lol.

    still makes me cry.

  4. R.I.P. J.B. and Jay Dee. Jay Dee left a rich legacy dor us to enjoy even though he left us too soon.

    Great post. I need to bookmark this site.

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