Music in the Morning: Gwen Stefani – ’4 In The Morning’

April 27th, 2007 // 5 Comments

Gwen Stefani looks stunning in the video for her single “4 In The Morning.” Even if you’re not into the song (like myself), it’s still a lovely clip.


  1. pizda

    Boring!! bleached blonde hair and black eyeliner, red lips.She has looked the same for the past 15+ years.

  2. Christina

    When did Gwen get a boob job?!? One of the things I idolized about her was that she was flat, like me. Did everyone else NOT notice?

  3. Charlotte

    I think it was the being pregnant thing – ever since she had her kid her boobs have been bigger. Either that or a well-timed trip to Dr. 90210.

  4. skrpune

    Nope, the boob inflation came before the kid – she went from maybe an a- to a pretty full b-cup before she got pregnant. Hrrmmmmm…there was no weight gain to explain it away naturally, and even the best push up bra or padding can’t give you that kind of boost. The ONLY natural explanation is that she was previously wearing inexplicably horrible bras with no support and finally got fitted by a pro, and that’s quiiiiiite a stretch!

  5. joo

    man, I cant stand her music now a days! she sold out! actually… I never liked her music… lol she (as a person) is cool tho.

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