Music in the Morning: Gang of Four – ‘Tattoo’

June 15th, 2007 // 2 Comments

I have no reason to show you this video, other than I suspect no other gossip site has ever put up a Gang of Four video.

Gang of Four is an amazing post-punk band out of Leeds, England, who made some of my favorite 80′s punk. If you’re looking for something new (or old), pick up their 2005 disc “Return the Gift.”


  1. hmmm… there was an interval of about five seconds when i enjoyed punk as a teenager… but i never got any further than bad religion… (which i’ve had several people hear from afar and ask me if i am listening to country music?)

    anyway, i am forever grateful to you for posting that video by howling bells sometime ago… it took me hell and ever to get the song in the US, but i finally did and it has since been one of my favourites. :}

  2. DocEDC

    Whoa… I saw Gang of Four in 84… they are too often over-looked.

    Love is like anthrax is an all-time classic

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