Music in the Morning: Bjork – ‘Earth Intruders’

April 23rd, 2007 // 4 Comments

We finally have the first single from Bjork’s new disc, Volta. Let us know what you think of “Earth Intruders.”


  1. Love the song, Alyk, but the video’s a dead link. Any chance for a re-post?

  2. ro

    LOVE it…

  3. luvMachine

    Um, NO!
    I realize that Bjork fans will love this, just because it’s Bjork. But I think she’s the new Yoko Ono, releasing un-listenable music; and the fact that she’s teamed with no-talent Timbaland, speaks volumes! Trash it.

  4. Your Mom

    I have not ever really seriously listened to bjork, but i watched her on saturday night live, and i’m going to definately get this CD. This isn’t unlistenable music, although “earth intruders” was basically all I could understand coming out of her mouth, her voice is angelic and her music is challenging. I love it, and I wasn’t a Bjork fan until I saw her performance on snl.

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