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Brad Pitt, Knox Jolie-Pitt, Jared Leto & More Hot Celebrity Sightings For August 31, 2015

August 31st, 2015 // Leave a Comment

So many photos, so little time.

Brad Pitt brought his son Knox along as he popped by the MotoGP British Grand Prix. Is this the first time we’ve ever seen Brad with just Knox? I think it is. Knox looks bored. Bless him.

Jared Leto was pretty much my favorite part of the Video Music Awards last night. Just stare at him and pretend like everything else wasn’t terrible.  Read More »

Why You Should Be In Love With Oscar Isaac, The Most Important VMAs Showdown: Celeb News In Six Clicks

August 31st, 2015 // Leave a Comment
'Inside Llewyn Davis'
'Inside Llewyn Davis' Photocall - The 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival
Where we first discovered Oscar Isaac's perfection. Read More »
Oscar's Singing Voice
Oscar Isaac
It is stunning and he should sing in everything. Read More »

The more you know. Here are six news headlines that you’ll want to click!

Oscar Isaac is Incredibly Hot, If You’re Not Crushing Yet, You Will Be [PITNB]

— Who Had the Best Exposed Right Leg On the VMAs Red Carpet? We Vote Chrissy Teigen [Moe Jackson]

Armie Hammer Joins Cast of Tom Ford‘s Nocturnal Animals [Towleroad]

— Watch This Little Girl Magically Puts Animals to Sleep, Then Wakes Them Up With Song [omgblog]

— Have You Listened to Miley Cyrus‘ New Album Yet? [ICYDK]

— Did Benedict Cumberbatch Name His Son Christopher Carlton Cumberbatch? [Celebitchy]

Adam Lambert Stuns The Crowd At His First Ever Festival Performance, Remains Perfect While Doing So

August 31st, 2015 // 4 Comments
Adam Works Out
Adam Lambert
And obviously it's sexy,entertaining, perfect. Read More »

UPDATE: Thank you to @riskyladyfla who explained this was Adam’s first UK festival performance. It all makes sense now. Also, new photos in the gallery. 

I mean, would you expect anything else from Adam Lambert? That’s what I thought.

Adam was on fire yesterday when he hit the stage in Birmingham, England for day 3 of the Fusion Festival. Fun fact guys: this was his first festival performance. Like, ever. That totally blows my mind. Doesn’t everyone do the festival circuit at some point?

Well, actually, when Adam came off that American Idol high, he didn’t really need the festival circuit. And he’s has done just fine without it. But obviously, he gave it his all yesterday.  Read More »

ICYMI: Nick Jonas, Taylor Swift And Justin Bieber All Tried To Wow Us With Their New Music Videos At The MTV VMAs

August 31st, 2015 // Leave a Comment
Nick Jonas, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber Music Videos MTV VMAs
Shirtless Bieber Lip-Syncs
Justin Bieber Carly Rae Jepsen 'I Really Like You'
As much as we don't want to, we kind of like a shirtless Biebs. Read More »

Well, the MTV Video Music Awards are about music videos, so it makes sense that three different singers would drop videos last night.

And that’s not the only thing Nick Jonas‘ “Levels”, Taylor Swift‘s “Wildest Dreams” and Justin Bieber‘s “What Do You Mean” have in common–they all also feature ladies in lingerie. And they would have all featured shirtless guys too, if Nick took his shirt off. Come on dude, you know we love your body.

So, who comes out on top in the battle of the new music videos?  Read More »

This Week’s Silliest & Scariest Celebrity Paparazzi Photos: NeNe Leakes, Arnold Schwarzenegger & More

August 30th, 2015 // Leave a Comment

Time to get a little silly and a little scary!

Poor NeNe Leakes was caught in a very unfortunate position by the paparazzi. I feel bad for NeNe, but it’s pretty funny for the rest of us.

On the flip side Arnold Schwarzenegger looked like he was about to pounce on somebody. Don’t worry Arnold, everything is okay. No need to go full terminator.    Read More »

Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Ashton Kutcher & More Hot Celebrity Sightings For August 28, 2015

August 28th, 2015 // Leave a Comment
12-Year-Old Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling
He had some killer moves! Watch »

So many photos, so little time.

Ryan Gosling was rocking one very sexy all black look on the set of La La Land. I need more Gosling in my life.

Emma Stone, Ryan’s La La Land co-star, was spotted grabbing some Starbuck today. I need more of her, too.  Read More »