Music Notes: Rihanna Goes Nakey, 1D Goes 3D And More!

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Selena Gomez
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Ummm where did Rihanna‘s wardrobe go for her GQ cover shoot? Looks like the style team forgot everything but her leather jacket. Is Chris Brown okay with her nakedness? Apparently GQ’s “Obsession of the Year” title given to the artist means that she gets to pose half naked! Yay, congrats!  [PopWatch]

What’s better than One Direction? One Direction in ALL directions, of course! Not only did their new album “Take Me Home” come out today, BUT they announced that the music group will starring in their own 3D movie that will be hitting theaters on August 30th of next year. Can’t wait! [Music Mix]

More music news…

Is the Biebs a little (or a lot) heartbroken from his recent break-up with Selena Gomez? I sure am heartbroken for the two, even though their misfortune raises my chances of getting with the 18-year-old hottie by .00438%. Anyways, he poured out his feelings through song on Saturday with Justin Timberlake‘s “Cry Me A River.” Ring a bell to a similar break-up? Now THAT’S deep. []

One word comes to mind when I think about Bruno Mars. Swoooon. He is giving us an early Christmas gift with his new album that will be released on December 11th. If “Unorthodox Jukebox” is anything like his previous work, it will be a hit, no doubt. With a dream team who’s worked with the likes of Kanye West, Beyonce, Adele and Amy Winehouse, we can’t expect anything less! [Rolling Stone]

Beyonce is my girl! And she’s rockin’ some stylish bangs. We’ve missed the Destiny’s Child original during her time away to care for Blue Ivy, but now she’s back! She’s slowing but surely making her comeback and she’s not ashamed to show it, on social media of course. Can’t wait to see her perform at the Super Bowl in February! [People]

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