Muhammed Ali Fights For Charity

Boxing legend Muhammed Ali has raised over $52 million through the efforts of his Celebrity Fight Night event for various charities. And with performances from Reba McEntyre, Jon Bon Jovi and various celebrity auctions, you can see why it’s a hot ticket.

I love Reba McEntyre. It’s because she’s a survivor, with gentle hands and the heart of a fighter. That, and I’m pretty sure she’s part elf, which is awesome.

I’m glad Michael Phelps was able to put down the bong long enough to make it to the event. Ha! I’m only teasing! Besides, there’s nothing I could say to him that Reba hasn’t already lectured him about. She loves her kids and never stops.

Gallery Info: Muhammad Ali, Jordin Sparks, Michael Phelps, Kurt Warner,
David Foster, Michael Johns, Jon Bon Jovi, Forest Whitaker, Keisha
Whitaker, Reba McEntyre, John Elway, Steve Young, Josh Groban, Frankie
Muniz, Bo Derek
and John Corbett at Muhammad Ali’s Celebrity Fight Night XV.