MTV VMA Performers Announced


MTV announced who will be performing at their VMA Awards on Sept. 9. Timbaland is so hot. He’s the hottest bear in hip-hop. If you watch the JT video for “My Love”, notice when he’s standing there with JT and they’re making some kind of dice rolling motion or something. What it brings to mind is them indicating that they totally jo’ed the night before. If this means Tim is into freaky white boys, then I’m in!


Right. Anyway, he’s serving as “maestro” of this show. Whatever that is. He’s also play a set. Joining him in performing will be Lily Allen (banned or not?), Fall Out Boy (Estee Lauder), Chris Brown (yawn), Foo Fighters (god, now I’m feeling my age and they are too), Rihanna (Beyonce is so over), Kanye West (hot fashion, a little light in the loafers) and Amy Winehouse. Hopefully Amy will do something spectacular like sick up on stage or wear those same ballet flats she’s been trudging around in for a year. Those things must have some stank on em’.