MTV Music Video Awards

Back in New York in time to attend the VMA’s. I was sitting with Rabbi Yehuda Berg, and we next to some young thrash metal band who I never heard of. They were icky.

The kiss kind of said it all didn’t it. I will not comment on it any further, because that is what everyone else is discussing. Let’s dispense with the pleasantries first off. I can’t stand Jessica Simpson. I can’t believe the only award Johnny Cash won was for cinematography! He was robbed. The 50cent and Snoop Dogg performance was awful.

I think that Eminem and 50cent are lovers.

What was up with Missy Elliot, who I love by the way, bringing 25 people on stage to accept an award? Didn’t the Crank Yankers get really old really fast.

On the flip side. Beyonce looked a maz ing. Although a little JLo ish. My Jai looked fab as usual. My favorite performances of the night were the understated Coldplay performance, and my girl Mary J Blige.

After the VMA’s I decided to skip the usual after parties, and met up with the Alessandro dell’Acqua, the Olsen Twins and Nina Griscom for Hidden Thursdays at Discotheque. Fun was had by all.