MTV Music Video Awards

August 29th, 2003 // Leave a Comment

Back in New York in time to attend the VMA’s. I was sitting with Rabbi Yehuda Berg, and we next to some young thrash metal band who I never heard of. They were icky.

The kiss kind of said it all didn’t it. I will not comment on it any further, because that is what everyone else is discussing. Let’s dispense with the pleasantries first off. I can’t stand Jessica Simpson. I can’t believe the only award Johnny Cash won was for cinematography! He was robbed. The 50cent and Snoop Dogg performance was awful.

I think that Eminem and 50cent are lovers.

What was up with Missy Elliot, who I love by the way, bringing 25 people on stage to accept an award? Didn’t the Crank Yankers get really old really fast.

On the flip side. Beyonce looked a maz ing. Although a little JLo ish. My Jai looked fab as usual. My favorite performances of the night were the understated Coldplay performance, and my girl Mary J Blige.

After the VMA’s I decided to skip the usual after parties, and met up with the Alessandro dell’Acqua, the Olsen Twins and Nina Griscom for Hidden Thursdays at Discotheque. Fun was had by all.

By Miu von Furstenberg

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